Ffxi trust guide

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By Fenrir. Node By Carbuncle. Slight edit: Excellent job on the guide in general though. I like the in depth detail in each section. By Asura. By Valefor. Caught that by skimming. Posts: I'm a fan of simplicity in naming. No three word titles for me. By Odin. You have Tantra body modifying Chakra, when it is actually Temple body. By Ragnarok. Khepri head has been giving me better numbers on paper over Nemetona for Smite. By Cerberus. You had me at the Galka illustration :3 Will read thoroughly once I get home!

By Bismarck. You have Glanzfaust listed as "low base damage" when nothing is even close other than Spharai which has one more.Item Search. Player Search. Linkshell Search.

New Items Global Topic. Posts: Node Equipment: High-end Armor Sets Offensive. Equipment: High-end Armor Sets Magic. WAR will have just nearly every weapon skill for red weakness available. However, this should by no means discourage you. If you must come DRK, whether it be lack of job selection or some other reason, the job has its own tools for weakness targeting, as well as damage dealing, in place of another DD when it's needed.

Resolution will still deal a reasonable amount of damage on many things with proper atma configuration. Depending on your needs, you can either use one or both Atma. Unless, of course, you're soloing. If you don't have it yet, then you'll want alternate atma like Sanguine Scythe or Gnarled Horn in the mean time that you're doing zone boss wins. Stout Arm is a decent alternative to VV. Limbus DRK will mostly be doing DD work, though there are some instances where it can solo certain Limbus areas on its own, depending if the conditions are in favor or against DRK.

Will sometimes revert back to Quadrupedal Stance. Groups will usually farm Gunpods when he spawns them. Arch-Omega, however, has only two forms. Stun when he uses it, or Brace for impact! Voidwatch This is where a Dark Knight purely using Resolution for its damage-dealing will shine. Plus, throughout your journey past each Voidwatch Tier, you will come across several Atmacite after defeating various NMs for your selection.

Each atmacite will require upgrading with cruor, and while taxing, you will earn it back through doing as many voidwatch fights as possible. Outside of Discipline, Persistence is a nice and cheap filler Atmacite, and Eminence isn't all too bad either. Further on, you can advance your options and look to Atmacites like Dark Designs and Valiant, both providing large upgrades for any all-purpose DRKs.

Valiant will be a staple 3rd Atmacite to use in this case as well. Every single one of your Absorb spells will have a chance to stagger the enemy, so get them. I'm not kidding, and have your dark magic set with you. On some monsters, you'll end up resisting like Pil or any of the Caturae in Provenancebut for the most part, expect to be called on for when Dark Black Magic is needed for stagger.

Einherjar There's not much to explain what Dark Knight does in Einherjar, obviously. By level 99, everything's pretty squishy, even the T1 Odin fight.

Odin will also spawn his Einherjar soldiers, but you can ignore these as they will either be kited or you'll be under Perfect Defense so that they won't damage you for much.Item Search.

Player Search. Linkshell Search. New Items Global Topic. By Shiva. Node YouTube Video Placeholder. Posts: This looks great! Very cool! By Asura. Thank you. Learned quite a bit by this, appreciate your time in making it This is great since I basically just sit in town and tweak gearsets that I think I would use but then sit in wardrobe until I de-gear that job and build more gearsets that seem cool!

By Phoenix. Wow Good job! By Cerberus. Thanks for taking the time to put this together! By Fenrir. About time cor get some love. Thank you guys, Very easy to understand and follow for a new and up and coming COR, keep up the good work. I Love the cape section being added. And Food. Looks like food section is missing attack foods though. That's a nice addition. Cape section also makes me very sad.

Thanks for the support! There are entirely way too many gear sets that are being used, so there could be errors or mistakes somewhere, or options overlooked. Please don't hesitate to PM or reply directly if there are more suitable gears that could be used. This is great! I want to redo white mage one day as well. Great work guys!

I don't play cor and this got me excited. Posts: 5. I flip my coin to you sir. I'll be making a few tweaks to my job after I go through this again. By Ragnarok. Since you have carbonara as recommended stp food, might I suggest arrabbiata as well?Initially a maximum of three alter egos may be summoned at a time. This can be enhanced to a maximum of 5 total with Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Missions. Alter egos do not gain XP or level up, their level is based on the level of the party leader who summoned them and the current iLvl of the equipment.

This is not however the case when leveling with your alter egos, if you gain a level the alter egos must be dismissed and re-summoned to gain the effect of the higher level. Trust magic is affect by Fast Cast and Haste.

They have a 0 MP cost, 3 second cast time, and a cool down of 4 minutes. Trust cannot be called upon when silenced, muted, or are currently on the hate list of any monster. Alter egos do not engage or perform any actions unless the master unless the part leader engages and performs at least one melee strike.

Alter egos will automatically disengage and stop or interrupt any current actions if master disengages or loses sight of the monster. It is only possible to be a member of one Unity at a time, so therefore only possible to have one Unity Concord UC Alter Ego at a time. Bundle of half-inscribed scrolls: Acquiring Bundle of half-inscribed scrolls 1 Must have access to Wings of the Goddess 2 Must have acquired all 11 of the initial trust permit NPCs.

After meeting certain requirements, then getting the according cut-scene. See listings below. Completing special events e. Item Search. Player Search.

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You And What Army? (Trust Ciphers Guide)

Trust Ciphers Guide. You and What Army? By Phoenix. Okay so I saw a few folks asking about making an updated list of trusts and their associated information on the Trust Ciphers! So I decided to give it a shot. I am unfortunately horrible at writing in BBcode and my Excel file did not bring across the table I created at all, but the info is all there. I appreciate any input and additional information. I do check forums daily and will keep this as up-to-date as possible.

I also will work on the formatting this enormous amount of information to get it to a more manageable state. What is Trust? Please sir, may I have some more? Location, location, location!

Where can I use em? Gotcha catch 'em all! Limited time only! Dave's not here man!

ffxi trust guide

Coming soon to a menu near you!Item Search. Player Search. Linkshell Search. New Items Global Topic. Can somone remind me what are good Trust combos? By Asura. I haven't played in a year and a half.

Back for the free campaign and cant for the life of me remember what trusts were good. I have nearly all of them except for August and the others you get from that fight and the arc angels.

FFXI in 2017 - How to Get the Ark Trusts! - Twitch Highlights

If someone could tell me a few combos for different situations that would be awesome. Oh, and my main class is Corsair. Posts: Not sure as Cor. Capped spell haste with that set up! By Bismarck. Gets me to capped accuracy for pretty much anything, capped delay reduction, heals, SCs, and MBs. By Carbuncle. As a returning corsair, you'd probably want to use the leveling combo below for farming in Reisenjima Seeing how this thread went unanswered for almost a month, it looks like we're just hi-jacking it into a general trust thread for everyone else.

That and you're going to be tanking for about twenty minutes solid.

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The order in which trusts are summoned is kind of a big deal. Say, for example, you were farming the hell out of Shinryu on thief and it was If you're able to tank them with trusts.

However, waiting for trusts to skillchain for summoner bursts is like waiting for the cold hand of death to sweep you from the face of the earth. There's clearly a theme here. Some trusts have unique issues that will likely never be fixed.

For example: Yoran will always try to run like 20y away from any mob that attacks him; which may sometimes lead to him never stopping and never healing.

Same with Tenzen II; his AI will attempt to stand at true range and may bug out in a way that prevents him from attacking until you disengage and re-engage. The hit-box issue with large wyrms: AAEV and August may never stop moving, making it almost impossible to use trick attack on them.

Naga Raja's hit-box can cause Yoran to run into an area of the arena that will line-of-sight him from your party, causing him to not heal or use -na spells properly.

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Always engage giant wyrms directly from the side with trusts, especially Ouryu; where you'll want to arc around his aggro range to the right of the arena until you hit a point where he engages and starts spinning his entire model. When this happens you need to carefully sidestep to the left while locked on until he spins back to his original position and then close in on him. You may need to disengage and reposition your trusts during flight phases to keep them from being flailed or breathed to death.

By Siren. By Phoenix. Speaking of trusts Cornelia AI has some taru taru fixation or at least with apu, she runs to him and you loose geo bubble, but she doesnt do it with kupi or other trust that runs away from you.

Trust: San d'Oria

By Shiva.Their primary function is to facilitate solo leveling, and fill out parties. You cannot have more than one initial Trust quest active.

ffxi trust guide

You must be Rank 6 in a starting city to be able to unlock all the initial Trusts. A checklist for them can be found at Trust Checklist.

The following are rewarded over the course of the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel Missions. All come in the form of ciphers to be traded at the appropriate NPC must have completed the quest offered by the NPC to whom you trade the cipher. After joining a Unity Concordand the moment you obtain a Partial Personal Evaluation of at least 5 points, you gain access to your Unity leader. You lose access to your Unity leader if, at the weekly Sunday conquest points tally, your weekly Unity Personal Evaluation drops below 5.

ffxi trust guide

You do not have to wait for the next weekly tally. Completing Unity RoE objectives gains evaluation points quickest, while defeating enemies that are not Too Weak also works at a lesser rate. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Categories : Magic Information Needed Verification. Bundle of half-inscribed scrolls. Complete President Salaheemthen talk with Abquhbah. Special DRK. Complete Pretender to the Throne. Special Red Mage. Complete What He Left Behind. Complete Nary a Cloud in Sight.

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Complete The Orb's Radiance. Dawn Trust Magic and Atma Rewards. Eternal Mercenary. Once the mission Beauty and the Beast is undertaken, the Alter Ego is locked again until the mission Glimmer of Portent is flagged.

Shattering Stars after completing the quest on 6 different jobs, speak to Maat as one of the 15 jobs he wields. Special RDM. Trial of the Chacharoon. Monster BLM. Possible drop from Sinister Reign.

RoE Over Capacity. RoE Way Over Capacity. RoE Filled to Capacity. RoE Temper Your Arrogance.Log Out. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Trust Macros?

Luck Of The Draw: A Corsair's Guide *NEW*

Trust Macros? Anyone know the macro command to release the Trust NPCs? Have you tried the party command option that works for kicking people from a party? Originally Posted by Karah. Not being funny, serious, everyone who uses trusts should use alt f4 exclusively. I dont think there is a command since you have to click them and pick release. Probably would be harder to code it cause how would it know which trust to release without makin a command for each one.

So I've been trying to solve this for a while and this thread is what comes up when I Google search, so now that I personally found a solution, I thought I'd go ahead and post it on this year old threat for anyone looking for a solution. If you trying to make a trust NPC the party leader, it automatically dismisses them all.

So you can use party command macros to dismiss them. So you can use a single macro to dismiss and resummon all of them.

I think you can also use this to dismiss them by name but I've never bothered to. This command was mentioned in the patch notes when trusts were added, so I don't know why it would be so hard to look up. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:.

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